5 interesting places to go in Myanmar

With thousands of ancient pagodas and the unique landscapes nationwide, Myanmar brings tourists a peaceful feeling that no other places can give. When traveling to Myanmar, maybe you have no idea where to go in Myanmar. Here are 5 interesting places to visit in Myanmar

Mrauk U ancient city

Mrauk U ancient city is the second largest center of pagodas and temples in Myanmar. When visiting this city, you will sightsee the temples built by bricks from 15th century. It is hidden behind the hills and small villages. Especially, you will feel like that this place is the land of legends because of the mist covering the whole city in the morning. You also can visit the villages along the riverbank, making you more excited.


Kyaing Tong

The second interesting place you should pay a visit when traveling to Myanmar is Kyaing Tong. It is the metropolis of the Golden Triangle. It strongly impresses you with the beauty of the hills and mountains as well as the villages of ethnic minorities. This area is quite remote and so strange to many tourists. If you have a complete luxury Myanmar trip, it will be necessary to make a good plan and travel with a local guide.


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Hpa An

It is the city located on the southeast of Myanmar. Hpa An is covered by limestone mountains with different sizes. It is a wonderful place for a short trip. Outside the city is the beauty of the thick and interminable rice paddle fields with the stone mountains behind, helping you have a great view. It also has many caves with unique architect, used to be as the Buddhist temples naturally



For a long time, Putao is considered as the door to climb Himalaya mountain range. It is the familiar destination for those who want to try climbing. This area has the world’s most diverse biology with averagely 30 – 40 flora and fauna discovered annually. Because it is a remote place so you only can travel to there by airplane. Putao is a wonderful choice for experience of discovering mountains and forests, getting massage and enjoying cocktail.


Ngapali and Ngwe Saung beaches

Ngapali is the beach visited most in Myanmar, It is refered to as the most beautiful tropical beach in Bengal Bay with the smooth white sand and great rest houses. What makes Ngapali be famvored most is the delicious seafood dishes as most of top of chefs on seafood cuisine in Myanmar are here to cook to bring tourists the most strange and tasty dishes

Besides, you can travel to Ngwe Saung beach for a holiday if your budget is not much. It is suitable for those who like quietness in romantic scene


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