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If you are in the Travel Industry or service the travel industry and would like to exchange links with us please add our link code below to your website. When you have added our code to your site come back to this page and submit your details for inclusion on our website. (This will be done within 48 hours except when we are away on holiday.)

Email :[email protected] / Fb:

Before you submit your site to apply our link exchange partnership, please read and comply with the following partnership qualification and link quality requirements. Link quality requirement when you put our link on your site

  1. You should put our link under a categegory or on a page with the subject/theme on Cambodia Travel. Our link can’t be mixed with other links not related to Cambodia Travel;
  2. You should use the link info(title, URL and description) or link code we provided on our site when you put our link;
  3. You should put a direct link to our site. We do not permit indirect link under any circumstances;
  4. You should put our link on an unframed HTML (HyperText Markup Language) or SSI (Server Side Includes) formatted page. We do not permit framing of our pages under any circumstances;
  5. You should put our link on the page directly on your site. We do not permit our link on a third-party site/different domain under any circumstances;
  6. You should not use meta tags or robots.txt to prevent search engine indexing the page on which you put our link;
  7. The page on which you put our link must contain less than 40 outbound links;
  8. The page on which you put our link must be reachable from the homepage of your site.

Link Partner Qualification We will only exchange link with sites meeting all the following requirement:

  1. Your site must be on travel topic;
  2. Your site must be live and not under construction;
  3. Your site must be indexed by Google; (Note: You can type in Google search box to check whether your site is indexed by Google.)
  4. Your site must be in the English language (or have an English version available);
  5. Your site must have its own domain name(Exceptions to this rule may be accepted if your website is of very high quality).

Addtional requirement if you want to exchange link on our site homepage:

  1. Your site must be on Cambodia,Laos,Vietnam,Myanmar,Thailand topic;
  2. Your site homepage must have at least >=PR 1 ,DA > 20 and less than 20 external links.

We will NOT exchange links with “adult” sites or sites which promote illegal or unethical acts. We DO NOT accept the following Web sites as link exchange partners under any circumstances:

  1. Web sites not related to travel;
  2. Web sites not written in English;
  3. Web sites punished by Google (Web site being removed entirely from the Google index);
  4. Web sites have automated Free-For-All links(FFA) page;
  5. Adult entertainment websites;
  6. Hate or warez websites;
  7. Gambling websites;
  8. Any website that we deem to be inappropriate for viewing by children;
  9. Web sites that are discriminatory or deceptive in nature or that espouse discriminatory or deceptive practices;
  10. Web sites that advertise or endorse highly questionable products or services, including those under scrutiny by consumer or law enforcement agencies;
  11. Web sites that knowingly attempt to download browser add-ons, pop-up generators or active spyware without explicit visitor consent;
  12. Websites that knowingly attempt to download any computer security threat such as active spyware, viruses or worms;
  13. Any non-themed website such as link farms and content-poor advertising sites, including sites whose primary content is third-party advertising;
  14. Websites with undesirable behaviors such as excessive pop-ups, irritating graphics such as rapidly flashing banner ads, or browser hijacking.

Our Rights

  1. We reserve the right to deny your link, especially if it determines that a Web site does not meet the criteria or disobey our link quality requirement.
  2. We may edit links which are too wordy or use too much marketing language in their descriptions or title.
  3. We may at any time revise our Travel Link Exchange Policy. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the current version of the policy.

Link Exchange With Us: Email :[email protected] / Fb:

Our Link Partner

Tourism Of Cambodia – Cambodian Tourist Information Center

The Official site of Tourism of Cambodia providing information about Cambodia travel, passport and visa, hotels, transportation, travel information and much more…

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Buddha Treks & Expedition, Specialized of Trekking in Nepal, Tours in Nepal, Expedition in Nepal, Holiday Packages, Incentive Tours, Honeymoon Package


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