Myanmar – dream land of backpackers

Best Place To Visit Myanmar – Myanmar is famous by a huge number of pagodas, temples and religious constructions. Going to Myanmar is not only to discovering one of the most mysterious culture in the world but also to enjoying the wild natural and wonderful landscape of the tropical countries. Among many sites and places, there are some suggestions for who do not decide where to go in Myanmar yet.

Inle Lake – Blue Ocean on Shan Mountain

General Information: Inle Lake stays in Nyaung Shwe in the south of Shan State. With the total area of 13 x 7 miles, it is one of the two biggest lakes in Myanmar. There are many minorities groups live in villages around the lake. Among them, Innthars is the largest group. The people are famous by the unique technique to rowing boat: using their own legs.

If you are fans of adventure tours on high mountains, go to Shan State! Satisfying weather, green mountains behind clouds and blue lake on the mountain, Shan State will welcome visitors with smile. Local people wear colorful dresses and make pleasant environment to any people. Besides, you will have chance to observe the typical way to move boat of these people.

Inle Lakes is 22 km in length and 11 km in width. It stays at 1.328 m above sea level. The water surface is so harmony that it makes a natural mirror to reflect everything. Surround the lake stay green mountains. There are 17 villages live around the lake or on small islands, almost of them are Intha people. The people have a very different language and customs to their neighbors: Shan people. The difference brings diverse to the life and makes varied traditions of residents on Inle Lake. Intha people are Buddhists; they built about 100 monasteries and pagodas in beautiful places around the lake. The festival of Phaung Daw U Pagoda, takes place after Thandingyut, is where to go in Myanmar. They are the festivals awaited by every people on Inle Lake. Shan people and Inthas people wear new dresses and celebrate the end of vegetarian day.

There are around 7000 people living on the lake. They produce their fruits, vegetables and make their own farms to support food locally. Visitors can see green gardens of tomatoes, cabbages, garlics, bananas and rice fields. Some even make floating gardens to grow tomatoes and flowers. Among these gardens, Ywama is the biggest floating garden on the lake. Every daily activity of local people, include exchange food, takes place on the canoes.

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