Ngapali beach: best places to visit in Myanmar

Myanmar travel and tours are not only famous of ancient pagodas and temples, but also a unique wildlife. It is one of a few countries those still conserve their natural landscape and have not been affected by the exploitation of tourism. In Myanmar, there are many beautiful beaches those have a few modern facilities and entertainments, but a promising place for adventure tours. Among them,

The most beautiful beach in Asia.Ngapali Beach in Myanmar.:

Ngapali is the best places that is destination of many Myanmar travel and tours. Belongs to Rakhine state, Ngapali is well known with soft sandy beach lying on the gentle Bengal Bay.

The best time to visit Ngapali is from October to May. During the time, the water is clear and very clean. Sunlight is as yellow as honey and visitor can sunbath or lie under the shadows of the trees. To romantic people, who would like to seek for an original and pristine beach, Ngapali Beach is the most appropriated choice. It is the most famous beach in Myanmar, thanks to the long white sand beach twinkles under the sunlight and green coconut trees. The beach is 7 km in length and visitors can hear the whisper of the wave at night.

Ngapali Beach is also chosen by visitors during their Myanmar travel and tours because of a natural and wild beauty. Some people would like to take a rest on soft sandy beach under the shadow of coconut trees. Others prefer playing with white waves on the sapphire sea.  Ngapali is a picture of the nature with blue sea, white sandy beach and the sun. Besides, visitors can directly catch and eat fresh seafood such as shrimp and lobster.

Having a long coral reef, Ngapali is ideal place for many aquatic animals.

After swimming, walking and discover the beauty of the coral reef, visitors can immerse to the trips to visit small fishing villages, go to local markets to buy fresh and clean seafood, or have an adventure to the countryside by small and convenient bike. If having more time for the Myanmar travel and tours, visitors can book a tour to visit wild islands in the bay by yacht. Or Ngapali will satisfy them with the unique golf course on the beach.

The fishing village surprises visitors with rustic sounds when the fishermen drag the net in the morning, the laughing when they harvest a net full of squid or the talking when they sit on cow carts to bring the seafood to a local market. The fishermen are very friendly, and the simple but pleasant life will bring visitors satisfying and peaceful moments.

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