Typical festivals in Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, you will realize that the festivals of Myanmar people are often attached with the Buddhism. Today, we would like to travel with you to discover the typical festivals in the country of the Buddhism. Let’s travel!

New Year Festival – Thingyan Festival


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This festival is the symbol of Buddhism’s festival. Thingyan festival which is often called water slapping festival occurs in Myanmar in the New Year. It is an important and meaningful event to Myanmar people

The country of golden pagoda (with more than 90% of Buddhists), Myanmar currently keep what it exactly has been had. Thingyan festival, also New Year festival or Water Slapping festival is a very meaningful one for Myanmar people. It often occurs on the second week of annual April and lasts 3 or 4 days

The festival was held all over the country by slapping water on other people. Its meaning is cleaning all dirty things during a year and celebrating the New Year with the soul’s pure.

Previously, on the Eve night, people would prepare the fragrant lotion made from many kinds of flowers and leaves and put into a bowl in front of the house during the festival. Every day, the lotion will be made from a different kind of leave. Today, people no longer use the fragrant lotion, instead, they use the tap water. The passers-by are all slapped until wet. So, all the sorrow and dirty things of last year will disappear

Pagoda festival


Shwedagon pagoda is one of the greatest and most sacred one in Myanmar. It is a good place to hold Shwedagon festival annually. It is a cultural and spiritual event to the locals. It is really a meaningful and influential one to the spiritual lifestyle of people.

The festival occurs in 2 weeks of the month with many traditional activities and rituals of the Buddhism. Shwedagon golden pagoda festival in Yangon is a great combination between the Buddhism and traditional folk culture of Myanmar people

The festival opens with the parade in the morning with thousands of participants in traditional costume walking around the towers and stupas in the pagoda complex on bare feet. The chanting sound in murmurs create a sacred spiritual space

In the outside, the yard of the pagoda is the amusement space with diverse performances such as traditional trumpet and dances. Besides, there are areas for cuisine, fare hội chợ and food all over the country

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